Douglas fir is a type of evergreen tree that’s pretty important in the places it grows, like in North America. Imagine a very tall, green tree that keeps its needles all year round – that’s a Douglas fir. People like it not just because it looks nice, but also because it’s useful.

What is Douglas Fir Used For?

Douglas fir trees are not just pretty to look at; they are also used for a bunch of important stuff. From building houses and Douglas fir flooring to making paper, these trees are rather useful. They are like the all-rounders of the tree world.

How to Identify Douglas Fir

Identifying a Douglas fir is like playing a fun detective game. You’ll want to look at its needles, cones, and the bark. The needles are pretty unique because they stick out in all directions, and the cones have these cool little “tails” that poke out.

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