​Old Growth Douglas Fir Flooring

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Doug Fir Vertical Grain Flooring

Priced Per Square foot. Old growth douglas fir wood flooring is a strong and resilient wood with a medium density yet durable for its lightweight. Doug firs rich patina tones of red and yellow are truly old world and have stood the test of time for over 100 years in many heritage buildings and homes.

We have been a local source for the historic flooring, trim, timbers and beams for years. Beaded ceiling board adds a nice wainscot to any room. It also makes nice ceiling boards in or outside as doug fir is great around wet climates, it makes a fantastic boat building material as well.

Please request an estimate for pricing and availability,
the old growth douglas fir market changes rapidly.

Old Growth Douglas Fir
Vertical Grain and Mixed – Flat Grain Unfinished Flooring

Old Growth Douglas Fir Vertical Grain Flooring
Old Growth Douglas Fir Mixed Grain Flooring

The Amazing Benefits Of Having A Douglis Fir Wood Floor

Robust and Enduring: Douglas fir flooring is remarkably durable, ideal for busy households with kids, pets, and high traffic. It’s the go-to for sturdy, long-lasting floors.

Inviting Warmth: This flooring offers a cozy, honey-toned ambiance, perfect for creating comfortable, inviting spaces in your home.

Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and refinish, Douglas fir is hassle-free, requiring simple sweeping and occasional mopping.

Naturally Resistant: Enjoy the built-in protection against rot and insects, making Douglas fir a worry-free choice for any climate.

Versatile Style: Suitable for various decor styles, from rustic to modern, its rich grain and warm tones easily adapt to your design vision.

Eco-Friendly: Douglas fir is a sustainable choice, often sourced from responsibly managed forests, aligning with eco-conscious values.

Healthier Air Quality: With minimal VOC emissions, Douglas fir contributes to a healthier, more breathable indoor environment.

Value-Adding: While not the cheapest, its long-lasting beauty and ease of care make Douglas fir a cost-effective flooring that enhances your home’s value.

​Old Growth Douglas Fir Flooring
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