old growth Heart Pine Flooring

Old Growth Long Leaf Heart Pine Flooring

Old growth heart pine flooring are a beautiful long leaf wood flooring choice for its hardness and durability.
American Reclaimed Wood Floors old growth heart pine is up to 85% heart.
The “heart” is the heart wood or the non-living center of the tree trunk of the Longleaf Pine.

American Reclaimed Wood Floors old growth engineered heart pine flooring can be unfinished or stained any color to create the look and feel you want in your flooring. Antique heart pine floors can be milled with a clean face or circle saw face both are gorgeous wood flooring.

Old growth heart pine is available in a wide range of widths from five inch up to an eleven inch face, with extremely long lengths up to fourteen feet long. All of our old growth heart pine flooring is tongue and groove, three-quarters inch thick, kiln dried and ready to install. Stair treads are also available to be custom made for your project. We have amazing heart pine flooring for sale at reasonable costs.

Finish Options

Circle Saw

Clean face


7", 8", 9", "10 & 11"

Wide Planks

Fitting Options

Tongue & Groove

Stair Treads


3/4" Thick

Custom Thickness Availabble


Long Lengths

up to 14'

Drying Method

Kiln Dried

no chemicals used


This flooring is crafted from repurposed pine wood, offering a unique blend of history and durability. It’s environmentally friendly, with each plank telling its own story. The floors boast a rich patina and character that new wood simply cannot match.


Engineered heart pine combines the beauty of heart pine with modern stability. This flooring type resists warping and moisture better than solid wood floors, making it ideal for varying climates. Its top layer showcases the natural beauty of heart pine, while the underlying layers ensure longevity.

Old Growth 

Harvested from mature pine trees, this flooring offers unparalleled strength and a dense grain pattern. It’s known for its rich colors and historical charm. Old-growth heart pine floors are not only sturdy but also add a timeless elegance to any space.


This flooring comes in its raw, natural state, offering endless customization possibilities. It allows homeowners to apply their choice of finish to perfectly match their décor. Unfinished heart pine floors provide a rustic charm and the flexibility to achieve a personalized look.



Stained heart pine flooring provides the classic beauty of pine with the versatility of various color finishes. This flooring type allows for a consistent look across rooms & adapts easily to different interior styles. The stain not only enhances appearance but also adds extra protection.

Wide Plank

These floors feature wider than average planks, creating a bold and open look in any room. The wide planks showcase more of the heart pine’s natural grain and character. This flooring type is perfect for creating a sense of spaciousness and rustic elegance.


Old Growth Long Leaf Heart Pine Flooring

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