Increase Your Home’s Value: The Impact of Flooring Choices and Other Upgrades

Thanks to the proliferation of HGTV and DIY materials on the internet, the country has been caught up in a home improvement fervor for the better part of the last decade. And while giving your home a facelift is undoubtedly exciting, not all projects are created equally when it comes to increasing home value. Many […]

What is Douglas Fir?

Douglas fir is a type of evergreen tree that’s pretty important in the places it grows, like in North America. Imagine a very tall, green tree that keeps its needles all year round – that’s a Douglas fir. People like it not just because it looks nice, but also because it’s useful. What is Douglas […]

From Barn Too Floor – The Journey Of Barnwood Flooring

Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring: A Sustainable Home Upgrade Explore the journey of reclaimed barn wood, from its origins in historical farm structures to its repurposing as beautiful, sustainable flooring for modern homes. This guide delves into the eco-friendly and design benefits of choosing reclaimed wood for your next home improvement project. Discovering Hidden Gems: The […]

What Is Reclaimed Wood Flooring?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been salvaged from its original application for use in new construction or renovation projects. Typically sourced from old buildings, barns, warehouses, and even railroad ties or wine barrels, this wood carries with it a rich history and unique character. Unlike freshly milled lumber, reclaimed wood may bear the marks […]

The History and Charm of Heart Pine Flooring

The Origins and Historical Significance of Heart Pine Floors Heart pine, known for its warmth and character, has a storied history that intertwines with the development of the United States. Originating from the longleaf pine tree, primarily found in the Southeastern part of the country, this wood played a pivotal role in the American architectural […]

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