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By reclaiming the old growth timbers that were used in turn of the century homes, mills, relic establishments and barns, American Reclaimed Floors offers one-of-a-kind products with amazing character, true authenticity and beauty that only time can produce.

​Every piece has its own story and history.

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Our History

Our History

American Reclaimed Floors history with reclaimed wood goes back well before 2003. Busy saving barns around the country side of Washington, Yamhill, and Carlton Oregon Counties. Having been involved in all aspects of the reclaiming process from the building demolition to milling every reusable piece of reclaimed lumber into brand new floors making it ready to live a third life in your home or business.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir makes beautiful flooring. Reclaiming from individual barns has its challenges as each barn is full of individual character as not all barns are the same. Years, climate and history all leave their mark on every piece of Reclaimed Wood.

Our Reclaimed White Oak and Long Leaf Heart Pine’s Character you can be sure of every piece just as sampled. Reclaimed from these huge buildings and factories have preserved this amazing beautiful wood for well over a century.

Reclaimed wood has become very popular for personal homes, and businesses throughout the U.S. One of our clients a brewery in Pennsylvania. World of Brew. Was just the look they wanted. We love providing flooring that will add beauty and durability to any of your flooring projects.

We were interviewed for an article on
 “Reclaimed Wood is Rich with History”
“When you see beautiful paneling, cabinets, in the decorator magazines and wonder where they got them, this is where,” says Herrick of the treasures found in reclaimed wood. “I would say it’s a well-kept secret.”
” You can’t fake it,” says Herrick. “Trying to make a new product look old is not the same.”
Text by Deb Alden © 2001

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